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Death Star OG Kush

Death Star OG, a very potent hybrid strain with an 80/20 indica/sativa ratio, was produced by combining the potent Sour Diesel, Sensi Star, and OG Kush strains. With parents like these, you know you’re in for a powerfully addictive classic high that has well-known affects on both your mind and body. 

A planet-sized space station-like high known as the Death Star OG creeps up on you before blasting into you with intensely uplifting rays of pleasure. In this condition, you’ll be delightfully content and free from any mental discomfort or rushing thoughts, albeit you’ll feel a little fuzzy. Your body will begin to be brought back down as your mind ascends farther into space thanks to a calming body stone that pervades your entire existence.

This effect will leave you starving and sleepy, swinging back and forth between wanting food and wanting a nap. In combination with its powerful 15-28% average THC level, these heavy effects give Death Star OG an edge in treating conditions such as chronic pain, depression, nausea, and migraines or headaches. Death Star OG buds have small minty green nugs with dark amber undertones and matching crystal trichomes. As each bud is broken apart and smoked, rich flavors and smells of skunky earthy diesel and sweet kush will blend together for a flavor explosion that is out of this world. For more information, please contact us.

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3 reviews for Death Star OG
  1. u2swisshome

    After smoking this, I saw a significant disruption in the Force, as if millions of neurons had abruptly sprung into fright and been hushed. I worry that a dreadful event has happened.

  2. u2swisshome

    Very powerful, will knock you off your feet, and only requires a small amount of smoking. The high was sometimes overpowering but incredibly soothing, and I truly liked it.

  3. u2swisshome

    Excellent for reducing pain and inducing and maintaining sleep during insomnia. Although this is now my go-to strain for relaxing, I wouldn’t advocate smoking it in the morning. Really good to help you unwind after a long day of work.

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